553 Tyler St.
Pittsfield, MA 01201

Patient Testimonials

You are all awesome!!! Such a nice experience to go to a dental office where everyone is so friendly. Especially when visiting the dentist is never really pleasant!!! I didn't feel nervous at all, which I was expecting after having from my previous dental office. Marie, you did such a wonderful job on my teeth cleaning that I still don't want to eat....My teeth feel so clean...Can't wait until my next dental cleaning...I am trying now to get my husband there as I know he will say the same things. If I had known about you guys prior to coming last week, I wouldn't have waited so long.
Thanks again,

Karen B

I always feel comfortable at this office. I enjoy my time there and your staff is extremely friendly. I would recommend them to anyone I know. I have been going to your office for at least 15 years and have no complaints about the service I have received. Bravo!!!

Paul B.

I liked the way every procedure was explained to me,the sensitivity to my possible pain level, and the very pleasant atmosphere. (Do you give pedicures?) (ha-ha)

Irene B.

The entire staff is extremely friendly, and the office is very welcoming and comfortable. Don't change a thing!

Helen A.

Everyone in your office is so friendly! If I didn't have anything else to do, I would visit more often...hahaha

Linda B.

I have been with Dr George & his father for over 50 years and have been very happy with the services I have received from them and his staff.
Thank You,

Larry C.

Thank you for being the area's most advanced dental care facility with the kindest of care! It couldn't be any better! Rodney C.

I love your office...you guys are awesome!!! :) I would recommend you guys to anyone!

Caitlyn C

Prior to visiting your office I'd have to say that I had a horrible experience with a previous dentist. I too work in the medical profession and understand the importance of quality care. I've never once left the dentist with a clear understanding of exactly what was going on in my mouth (per say). Not once did I appreciate the x-rays in the past. Dr. George compared the photo's that he took with his camera and then showed me the x-rays. They were side by side so that I could actually follow his dx and plan of care. It's the first time. When I shared my mishaps (gluing my bridge) he didn't judge,just asked that I don't do it again. The staff is wonderful...welcoming when I arrived to 100% reassurance that I really am in good hands! I thank my husband for making the 1st appt. and need to frame this message because I never thought I could be so positive in regards to dental work. What use to be frighting is now welcoming...who would have known. Why, I could be the next dental poster child.

Sandra D.

Great overall experience! Always greeted with a (white) smile. No improvement needed.

Brenda D.

Everyone was a pleasure to be around. You should all be very proud of the work your are doing. Keep it up!!! Thank you very much!

Jeff D.

You have a very happy and content work atmosphere. Your employees are professional.And you can tell they enjoy there jobs.

Donna F


I travel from West Springfield, so obviously I am very pleased. Everyone is always pleasant. I am especially impressed by the great camaraderie I see among everyone. So many work places do not have this. Happy Holidays to all.

Sr. Mary

Best of Best....2 thumbs up :)...Professional and courteous :)....5 stars :)...


Pat was my hygienist and she did a good job. I felt she was thorough, but got the job done quickly. I like that because I get nervous about coming to the dentist. Thank-you for making me feel comfortable.

Beth F.

I've been seeing Dr. George for years. Before him I had a terrible fear of Dentist. I wouldn't even go to the Dentist. I wouldn't change anything and I have referred several patients to him because of the complete confidence I have in him.

Dawn G.

I think that the office is very friendly! They are always greeting you with a smile and carry it all the way through the visit! I am glad I made the switch to this dentist office and will gladly refer as many people as possible.

Nicole G.

I look forward to visiting your office. The staff is very friendly and kind. The atmosphere is relaxing and you have all the latest technology. Being an engineer I can appreciate high tech equipment. Marie has been my Hygienist for a couple of years and I really enjoy her company. She has a very positive outlook that makes you feel happy and comfortable.
Thank you,

Dave H.

Everyone in your office is great!

Diane H.

I enjoy my visits and think you guys are always great..

Darlene H.

You guys are always great. I like the text/email reminders.

Gary K.

Everyone is always so nice. Dee is always so friendly.

Marlene K.

Everyone in the practice seems to have their priorities in order...patient, patient, and patient...from reception to check-out! Thank You All!

Kevin K.


Everyone at Dr. George's is wonderful and very helpful. I'm very glad to have such a wonderful family dentist. I recommend Dr. George's to everyone who is looking for a dentist. Everyone is pleasant and very professional.


Jennifer L.

There is never enough time to tell the whole staff there how great they all are. Everyone there makes "going to the dentist" a very comfortable experience. I recommend the office to anyone who is looking for a dentist and anytime I have any work done there, I am always happy! Although people may never say it, or have the time or chance to, Dr. George and staff are just the best!




You have a fantastic office. Everybody is wonderful and very helpful. It is a pleasure to go to the dentist.

Dave M.

I honestly think that my family and I have the best dental care in the Berkshires.

Paul M.

Marie went out of her way to reschedule my appointment for my cleaning. That made it so much easier for me and I appreciate it. She does a great job.

Kathy M.

Could you clone your office? It's the best!

Donna M.

The entire experience at your practice is stellar. I feel in excellent hands whether having routine dental cleaning or more extensive dental work. The team is so friendly and relates well to each other.It is so refreshing to hear the hygienist/dental assistants speak so highly of the dentist. Dr. George has a wonderful reputation in the region, and has shown real compassion and patience with the unusual problems I have experienced with a crown. Please keep up this high level of excellence!


I thought Dee, Dawn and Dr. George were terrific! Dee was very friendly, for sure, and very helpful with questions about my maximum benefit. I was very anxious before the first appointment - it's been years since I had dental work...these 3 folks made me feel much more comfortable. Thank you soo much!!!

Ray N.

Very friendly, professional group of people. Somehow I don't always remember it being that way in the past. Difficult time was made easier.


You guys do a great job!!! I like your email notifications. Keep up the great work!!!

Sandy W.

Thanks for making a rather unpleasant visit not so bad at all!!! I was very apprehensive about the whole ordeal but with your staff and of course Dr. George had a positive experience!!

Debra W.