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We really appreciate it when our patients say something nice about us but we were really surprised when we noticed this online:

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Amy A.

"I just wanted to thank you all for such a nice trip to the dentist this morning. Being my first appointment with a new place, I truly appreciate your kindness and efficiency. I never had such a whirlwind visit to the dentist. I want to thank the wonderful staff from start to finish."

Richard S.

" I have suffered from periodontal disease most of my adult life. Having been through conventional gum surgery twice before I was out of options.

Dr George suggested I try laser periodontal therapy. Having my mouth treated both ways I must say the laser therapy was a much more pleasant experience.

I experienced little to no discomfort during or after the procedure. The next day it was almost as if nothing was done."

Connie S.

"Dr George, Thank You for my smile! Wonderful work. Wishing you and your family a great summer."

Helen G.

"Just a note to thank you for making me smile again. What a wonderful job you did."

Barbara W.

For the last few years I have had gum disease. I have had bloody gums and some minor pain and discomfort. My dentist Dr. John George has been recommending to me that I need to do something, before my teeth started to fall out. But I have been very hesitant to do this. I didn’t want to go through the pain of surgery, the cutting, the stitches, the time off from work, etc. So I chose to maintain my teeth by coming in every three months for a complete cleaning. Which helped for the time being, but didn’t cure or diminish the damage to my teeth and gums. Dr. George started doing laser surgery and suggested it to me. He was very helpful with the education as to what he would be doing. He gave me a folder and a DVD that explained the procedure. With this information I found out there would be no cutting, no stitches and that I could go to work the next day. Which to me was a huge plus. Dr. George did one side of my mouth, and the following month did the other side. He even phoned my home the night of the procedure to see how I was doing. I now have no bleeding, no pain, and my mouth actually feels better. I am very happy I decided to do this and would recommend it to anyone that has gum disease.

Barbara W.

John M.

This is an unsolicited testimonial regarding the Laser Periodontal Therapy® provided to me by Dr. John George on February 12, 2007.

I have periodontal disease of long standing and recall the number of ”gingivectomies” provided by Dr. George’s father some forty years ago. I was somewhat apprehensive about this new treatment with those memories of gum cutting, sutures, and surgical packing, one quadrant at a time.

Since I am down to seven teeth, which are very important for me to support a lower bridge, I decided to give this new treatment a shot based on the literature provided and consultation with Dr. George.

The procedure was in fact painless with explanations of what was going on and was over in an hour and a quarter. In addition to the laser procedure, Dr. George welded two teeth together in two locations, as well as repairing internal fillings as he proceeded.

I went home without surgical packing and with just an oral rinse and minimal limitations. It is now a week and a day after the procedure and the gum healing is well underway with no complications. The structure to retain my bridge is strengthened and a really solid support.

Very Truly Yours,
John M.


After years of thinking I would never have perfect teeth, I am completely thrilled with my new smile! From financing to the final appointment, Dr. George and his entire team were so accommodating and attentive to my needs and wishes. Knowing they were available anytime I had a question or concern was extremely comforting, making the process much easier on my nerves, after all, this was a big decision!

I now carry a sense of confidence that I never thought I could have. I even pose for pictures with my teeth showing, which I never did before! I would recommend this process to anyone who wishes to improve an imperfection or face the world with a confident smile everyday!

M. C.

Annie L.

There is never enough time to tell the whole staff there how great they all are. Everyone there makes "going to the dentist" a very comfortable experience. I recommend the office to anyone who is looking for a dentist and anytime I have any work done there, I am always happy! Although people may never say it, or have the time or chance to, Dr. George and staff are just the best!

Annie L.

Barbara D.

I have always felt very much "at home" with this practice from when I saw John's dad many years ago to present. The staff is absolutely wonderful, friendly, and always accommodating. Everyone in the practice seems to have their priorities in order...patient, patient, and patient...from reception to check-out! Thank You All!

Barbara D.

Paul M.

Jul 3, 2008 10:38 AM. I always feel that my concerns are listened to and am given options. The staff is exceptionally professional and knowledgeable. I appreciated that I was able to call ahead and let your office know that I was going to be late for my appointment. I have never had a problem with my dentist and any recommendations or referrals.

Paul M.

Raymond N.

I thought Dee, Dawn, and Dr. George were terrific! Dee was very friendly, for sure, and very helpful with questions about my maximum benefit. I was very anxious before the first appointment - it's been years since I had dental work...these 3 folks made me feel much more comfortable. Thank you soo much!!!

Raymond N.

Jean P.

I met Lisa for the first time on my visit. Thought she was great!!! Loved the little goody bag she gave me...felt just like a kid again. Dee and Arleen are wonderful also. They really make me feel comfortable when I come in for my appointments. I have recommended family, friends, and co-workers to you (and who likes to refer their dentist to anybody? ha ha) I feel very comfortable with my teeth in Dr. George's hands.

Jean P.

Biting is easy...

After years of not being able to eat my favorite foods due to loose teeth on the bottom, I now can enjoy the foods of summer, thank you to Dr. George. Laser treatment secured my bottom teeth and made them look great again. Best of all picnics now are a joy and the ability to bite into a hamburger a wonder.

Dawn G.

Dr. Lee S. DMD, PA

Dear Dr George,

I want to compliment you on your work. The occlusion and fit of the implant-supported prostheses that you did are right on.

I appreciate the fine work that you have done. We will continue to see Tony here for prophylaxis while he is in Florida, and he will see you for prophylaxis when he is back in Pittsfield. If there is any question in coordination, please don't hesitate to call.

Thanks again for your beautiful work.

Dr. Lee S.

Christine M.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the Free Dental Clinic on Saturday. I was so thankful to be able to bring my mom and have her cared for. Everyone there was so pleasant despite the very busy and somewhat overwhelming day! Many times we only hear the negative in our lives, and I wanted to be sure you all realize what a difference you made in many peoples lives. Thank You again,

Christine M.